In The Wild interviews

In this interview series we speak to practitioners who apply behavioral science in their work in a range of industries. Behavioral science is becoming increasingly popular in both the commercial sector as well as influencing public policy. In the commercial sector it has become more common among practitioners in e.g. advertising, market research and user experience.

But how much do we really know about how the research is being used? What parts of our work do practitioners use most? What are the challenges that they face in taking behavioral theories and applying them in the ‘real world’?

In this series of interviews, we hear from those practitioners who have spoken at our events and get their views on behavioral science – as well as advice for those wishing to work in this field.

We will update this list as we go on – here are some tasters from our 2018 events:

This interview series is based on an earlier interview series in the InDecision blog where you can find more practitioner interviews from the UK:

Other interviews with practitioners from two different blogs by Etinosa Agbonlahor and Merle van den Akker:

  • Jason Collins, Director of Behavioral Economics at PwC (AUS)
  • Elspeth Kirkman, senior director responsible for the Behavioural Insights Team’s work on health, education, and local government (UK)
  • Nathalie Spencer, behavioural scientist at Commonwealth Bank of Australia & author of Good Money (AUS)
  • Elina Halonen, behaviour change and market research consultant (NL)
  • Jez Groom, Chief Choice Architect at Cowry Consulting (UK)
  • Dan Egan, Director of Behavioral Science and Investing at Betterment (USA)
  • Koen Smets, behavioral economics consultant and organisation development adviser (UK)
  • Neela Saldanha, Senior Advisor at the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics (Kenya)

Merle’s blog Money on the Mind also has a series of interviews with well-known academics such as Dilip Soman, Cass Sunstein, Nick Chater, Dan Goldstein, Daniel Read, and George Loewenstein.

For more academic rockstar interviews, see “Research Heroes” interview series on InDecision – incl. Dan Ariely, Gerd Gigerenzer, Robert Cialdini, Richard Thaler, and George Loewenstein.